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Made in USA since 1906

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Perfection Master Tailor's Chalk

32 pieces per box | 36 boxes per carton
Iron Off
A blend of the finest natural waxes and fine quality whitening powders or pigment colors. Characterized for nearly three decades by its excellent tensile strength, high resistance to melting and its superb edge retention.
price per box
# 3001 Reg. Size 1-7/16 x 1-3/4 x 7/32 $6.35

# 3001A Assorted size and color per box
Contains 4 pieces of Yellow, Red, Black, Transparent, Orange, Green and 8 White

# 3050 Super Giant/32 bx per carton
1-7/8 x 1-3/4 x 7/32
white only

Trippleware Tailors Chalk All sizes available in white only

48 pieces per box | 50 boxes per carton
Item #:
price per box
# 17 Reg. Size Avail. In White Only $6.55
# 18 Non Slip $7.05

Jems Tailors Clay Chalk

36 pieces per box | 50 boxes per carton
A composition of top grade American clay and whitening powders of natural pigment colors.
Recommended use: As this piece is of a clay base and, therefore, can be brushed off. it finds its best usage for fabric marking which must be completely eliminated. NEVER US STEAM TO REMOVE!
Item #:
price per box
# 500 $11.95
# 500 Assorted. Consists of
"18 W, 5 R, 5 Y, 5 B, 3 K pcs"

P.M.C. Disappearing Chalk Specify Color: only white

36 pieces per box | 4 boxes per gross
Chemicals formulated in this chalk are of a volatile nature, which means it's marks will eventually vaporize and permanently leave the fabric. Recommended use: Any textile or apparel marking system which requires the complete removal of the marks, such as face marking, dart marking, cutting, alterations etc.
Item #:
price per box
# 999 Slo $39.50
# 999 Quick $39.50

Available in Quick or Slo (both are white chalks)

Slo is in a yellow wrap, evaporation time 168 hours

Quick is in a white wrap, evaporation time 72 hours

P.M.C. Wood Encased Pencil

A blend of brillant pigments pressed into thick leads and encased in fine quality wood, Designed for easy sharpening and more permanent point retention. Pencil is waterproof, smear-proof and fade proof.
Recommended use:  textile and apparel industry, suitable for marking fabrics which require a permanent and extremely sharp mark.
Item #:
price per doz
# 241 Black $19.00
# 242 White $19.00
# 243 Yellow $19.00
# 249 Red $19.00

PMC Wax Crayons

12 pieces per box
This crayon is 5" long by 3/8" in diameter. Its sturdy size makes it ideal for dart and edge marking.
Generally used for buttonhole or slot marking on heavier fabrics.
Item #:
price per doz
#638 Perfect Master per dozen $24.00

Veribest Stamping Powder

A special purpose marking powder specifically designed for ultimate adhesion of the powder to the fabric. Used with perforated patterns, narrow slotted templates and similar marking applications requiring a more permanent mark. An optimum blend of the finest pigments and powders makes this formula both highly adhesive and free flowing for easier application. Also used for carpenters' chalk lines.
Item #:
price per container
# 225 (5 lbs. )
# 225D (4 lbs. Dark Blue ) $29.00

Jason Vanishing Style Powder Color: White

An extremely fine particle size powder which softens and melts when exposed to high temperature pressing or ironing.
Recommended use: For stamping powder applications requiring the complete elimination of marks and/or an extremely adhesive powder. Its use should be restricted to fabric and conditions which have been thoroughly tested for mark elimination.
Item #:
price per container
# 1 - One lbs. ctn
# 10 - One 10 lbs. call for quote

not sold online0

Veribest Embroidery Stamping Paste

Recommended use: Stamping paste for perforated patterns is a marking medium which transfers a detailed pattern design. Unlike powder, the paste leaves a permanent pin-point mark which eliminates powder smears or the possible loss of the mark due to handling. It is most widely used in the embroidery trade.
Item #:
price per container
# 65 (1 lb) $47.50
# 25 (2 1/2 lbs.) $76.80
#60 Stencil Brick $14.50

Jason Beeswax

Blend of the finest natural imported beeswax manufactured. Its expressly formulated for use in the apparel and textile industries, for the purpose of imparting strength to all types of thread.
Item #:
price per box
# 80 (1oz. - 16 Cakes / box) $18.00
# 101 (1 lbs. Brick) $19.75

Blackboard Chalk

The textile and apparel industries have adopted them for specific marking situations requiring an extremely soft take-off chalk #40 Common Style- made of calcium sulfate and grit-free, a soft blackboard chalk distinguished by it's ease of marking. #41 Dustless Blackboard Chalk- a firm, pressed chalk noted for its reduced dust give-off.
Item #:
per carton
# 40 Common Soft - 12gr / ctn Call for quote

not sold online

# 41 Dustless Hard - 1600pcs Call for quote

not sold online

Railroad Chalk

Item #:
per gross
# 43 White Call for quote

not sold online

# 43 Yellow Call for quote

not sold online

Dixon Phano Marker (China Marker)

min. order 1/2 gross

Great for merking on plastic
Item #:
price per dozen
# 71 Red $19.95
# 73 Yellow $19.95
# 77 Black $19.95
# 92 White $19.95

Dixon Tailors Crayons (900 Series)

24 pieces per box
A composition of top grade American clay and whitening powders of natural pigment colors.
Recommended use: Same as Tailors chalk 500 but larger, making it more desirable for industrial use.
Item #:
price per box
# 901 Red $22.75
# 902 Blue $22.75
# 903 White $22.75
# 903-1/2 Yellow $22.75

Hidden Glow and Misc. Items

Hidden Glow Tailors Chalk

32 pieces per box
50 boxes per carton
A blend of the finest grade paraffin and natural waxes incorporating a specific fluorescent pigment characterized by its excellent edge retention and milky-white color in normal light.
Recommended use: For accurate line cutting, face marking and placement of a weave or thickness which cannot absorb the wax pressing.
Fluorescent Colors show brightness under black light.
Item #:
price per box
# 950 Fluorescent Green $11.90
# 951 Fluorescent Yellow $16.95

Hidden Glo Disappearing Tailors Chalk

36 pieces per box
The chemicals formulated in this chalk are similar to those used in Perfection Master Disappearing Chalk "Slo Formula". The difference is that this product contains a special florescent compound which will remain in the fabric after the visible mark has disappeared. The fluorescent mark will show up under "black light" even though the naked eye can observe no markings.
Recommended use: Where marking will be available for use even after the disappearance of visible marking occurs.
Item #:
price per box
# 1001 Yellow Glo

#1000 Green Glo


Hidden Glo Stamping Powder

These powders are available in three formulations:
840- an extremely light weight and highly adhesive
860- a light weight adhesive formula and is the top of the line
890- a regular weight formula with adhesive qualities comparable to our Veribest line of powder.
Item #:
price per container.
# 840 - 1lbs. $32.00
# 860 - 1.25lbs. $48.00
# 890 - 4lbs. $50.25

Hidden Glo Magic Embroidery Stamping Paste

A composition of soft waxes, fluorescent pigments and chemical solvent is require for application.
Recommended use: this product is primarily used in the embroidery industry, for transfer of detailed perforated pattern designs. It may be employed for pattern transfers requiring more permanent markings.
Item #:
price per container
# 66 HG - 1 lbs $51.00
# 65 HG - 2.5 lbs $146.00

Hidden Glo Crayons

1 dozen
A blend of a paraffin and natural waxes with a moderately high melting point.
Recommended use: Due to its semi-hard consistency and small size, the ideal application would be button-hole and dart marking. Also used for visual special effects.
Fluorescent Colors show brightness under black light.
Item #:
price per box
# 350 HG - Fluorescent Green $7.50
# 351Fluoresent Orange $7.50
# 700 Fluorescent Green $9.50

Buttonhole Tips

A blend of paraffin waxes, hydrogenated oils and fluorescent pigments designed for strength but with smooth easy take off.
Recommended use: These tips have been specifically designed for use with an adjustable buttonhole marking machine.
Item #:
price per carton
# 316 (500 pcs per ctn) $73.00
# 732 (500 pcs per ctn) $73.00
# 1364 (500 pcs per ctn) $73.00

Hidden Glo Pencils (Wood Encased)

(wood encased)
A special blend of pigments and clay compressed into thick sturdy leads and encased in top quality wood, characterized by ease of take off and excellent point retention.
Recommended use: For special marking such as coding, inventory control, map plotting, garment marking, etc.
Item #:
price per dozen
# 111 Green


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